Size and shape distribution - Newsletter March 2015

To get a better understanding of the performance or processing of particles or fibers the size and shape parameters are important. For example length, aspect ratio and convexity. PowderShape, DiaShape, FlockShape or FibreShape describe your particles or fibers using different size and shape parameters (according to the ISO norms) and at the end show you a frequency distribution curve or a cumulative distribution curve of the different size and shape parameters. Starting with the new version 5.2.3, the percentiles of a size or shape distribution can be freely chosen and your data can be divided into specific percentile groups.


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  • Literature note:
    • Schirp, A., Plinke, B. und Napolow, D. (2015): Effectiveness of organic and inorganic pigments for mass colouration of thermomechanical pulp (TMP) fibres used in wood-plastic composites. In: European Journal of Wood and Wood Products  73(2015)1, S. 5-16 DOI: 10.1007/s00107-014-0839-z
    • Sliseris, J., Andrä, H., Kabel, M., Dix, B., Plinke, B., Wirjadi, O. und Frolovs, G. (2014): Numerical prediction of the stiffness and strength of medium density fiberboards. In: Mechanics of Materials  75(2014), S. 73-84 DOI:



  • New statistical possibilities are available with the new version 5.2.3 (for DiaShape, FibreShape Basic, FlockShape and PowderShape) and with the version 6.0.2 for FibreShape FiVer.
    • Number of counted objects
    • Object ratio (measured obj. / all obj.) (version 5.2.3 only)
    • Area ratio (area all obj. / image area) (version 5.2.3 only)
    • 6 selectable percentile classes:
      The data are classified according to the classes you have selected. For example the 10th, 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th & 90th percentile can be calculated.

    The reporting system now runs as a native 64 bit application on 64 bit Windows systems

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  • March 25, 2015, Stuttgart (Germany): Fachtagung Composite Recycling.
  • Mai 19, 2015, Frankfurt (Germany): AVK Arbeitskreis Faseranalytik.


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