Newsletter March 2013

To uncover hidden things

Irregular material, dust or simply broken particles are some examples of hidden things that we want to detect. The human eye sees a lot but with the help of a microscope or a scanner things hidden to our eyes are revealed. In this newsletter we present you some examples that show what our systems are capable of. Furthermore we want to give you an insight into special features of Diashape. Several gems lie hidden in Diashape! You'll find details in the new product sheet of Diashape.



  • Since 2013 the R & D team of the IST AG has a new members. Zoé Goey is supporting the team as a software project manager. Find out more about our R & D team.
  • Measuring Nano particles: Nano particles are so small that they are difficult to study and analyze. But they are not too small for Powdershape! Combined with SEM (scanning electron microscope) or TEM (transmission electron microscope)  it is possible to evaluate the size distribution and shape of nano particles. More information can be read in the publication "Schmid, H.; Dvorak, M.; Buerki, G.; Leparoux, M.; Siegmann, S.; Schreuders, C (2004): "New Dimensions of Nano-Particle Size- and Shape- Characterisation"". The publication  can be requested by email (hubert.schmid(at)


  • The new product sheet of Diashape includes examples of the analyses of YK9 diamonds and of micron diamonds. To characterize the shape and size of these diamonds we use the Diashape software in combination with a high resolution film scanner and with a digital microscope.
  • The version 5.2.1 of Diashape, Fibreshape, Flockshape and Powdershape are now available.
    There are again several improvements in the reporting system to be mentioned: 
    • the layout of a report can be saved as a user profile
    • you can chose the units of measurement in the report (nm, μm, mm, ...)
    • the reporting system is now also available in German. Other languages ​​can be requested.
    • the axes of the histograms can be defined individually
    • you can switch between log representation and linear representation of the x and y axis of the histograms

    Find out more about the 5.2.1 release by contacting Hubert Schmid (hubert.schmid(at)
  • Together with our systems Diashape, Fibreshape, Flockshape and Powdershape our new middle format scanner opens up new possibilities. The three main advantages are: 
    • large contact area with high resolution (remeasured resolution: 2900 dpi)
    • simple sample preparation
    • a large number of objects can be measured and therefore statistically significant measurements are possible
      Middle format scanner

  • Convincing results can be shown with our new software plugin FiVer which allows to measure the length of crossing straight fibers. In the example given below you see the result of the analysis of glass fibers (1 - 2 mm lenght).
    glass fiber analysis with FiVer

New distributors:

  • Materials Lab Ltd. in the Ukraine is our new distributor of Diashape, Fibreshape (excluded is the Flock industry) and Powdershape in the CIS countries. Materials Lab Ltd. is a specialist in developing and implementing solutions to equip laboratories and production facilities. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.
  • We also can rely on a new distributor in Beijing. The Beijing AnWeiAn Lab Equipments Co. Ltd is selling Fibreshape (excluded is the Flock industry) and Powdershape in China.

  • April 23 - 25, 2013, Nürnberg (Germany): PARTEC - International Congress on Particle Technology 2013, together with POWTECH and TechnoPharm.
    The IST Ltd. together with the L.U.M. GmbH will be present with a booth.
  • June 25-27, 2013, Shanghai (China): CPhI China 2013.
    Our distributor Beijing AnWeiAn Lab Equipments Co Ltd. will be there at the booth W2G58. 
  • October 15-17, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine: Labcomplex 2013 - VI International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories.
    Our distributor Materials Lab Ltd. will be present with a booth.
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