Fiber orientation - Newsletter October 2015

Do you know about the latest scanner based imaging technology and the advantages it holds for you? Our X-Shape software platform coupled with a scanner based imaging technology allows you to:

  • analyze fibers, powders, diamonds, and particles with unmatched ease of use and accuracy
  • obtain direct and correct length, width, shape, and many other parameters for even the most complex sample measure across large and industry leading sample areas

One of the new features that we added to the most recent version of X-Shape is the ability to analyze complex fiber bundles. Resolving individual fibers in bundles correctly and differentiating between agglomerated and individual fibers has thus been an unresolved industry problem. No more.

Our team here at IST-AG continuously strives and works hard to develop new and relevant solutions for our customers to ensure that X-Shape remains the industry leading fiber, powder, diamonds, and particle analysis platform.

To our customers, we thank you for your loyalty and support. To anyone not familiar with us or our product, we welcome you get in touch with us today to see for yourself how the X-Shape technology platform can benefit you.



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  • In development: Dark field box for Epson V7xx / 8xx- Scanner. This superstructure will allow to make dark-field imaging with the same petri dishes (120 x120 mm² ) as before. The dark fiels box can be retrofitted and requires no intervention on the scanner. The Dark field box is developed by SKZ Würzburg in cooperation with IST AG.
  • The latest X-Shape software gives you the ability to use the new “Fiber Orientation” analysis setting in order to correctly measure 2-D fiber properties in complex transparent fiber samples, for example glass fibers. This is another unique and one-of-a-kind feature you will find only in X-Shape. It represents our continued commitment to you and our quest to provide you with the day to day tools you need.
    For more information about "Fiber Orientation" please contact us
    (info(at) and we send you a copy of the paper "Directional contrasts of transparent fibers" (at the moment only available in German: Richtungsabhängige Kontraste durchsichtiger Fasern beim Scannen.).


  • The New Version 6.0.3 of FibreShape FiVer convinces with an intuitive and even more user-friendly interface.
    • the supported maximum resolution has been increased to 25.400.000 dpi. It is now possible to work with scanning electron microscopes in transmissive light as well as reflective light modes.
    • FibreShape FiVer is now equiped with an orientation filter. This is crucial for measuring transparent glass fibers.
    • improved operation of the measuring masks
  • Click here to see screenshots of the new user interface & an example of a report. 


New Distributor:
AOT (PT. Alfa Omega Teknik)
in Tangerang, Indonesia is our new distributor of DiaShape, FibreShape, and PowderShape for Maritime Southeast Asia and West Malaysia. Please contact Mego Mulyo if your company is located in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor or Malaysia.


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