Friendly software - Newsletter June 2016

DiaShape, PowderShape, FlockShape and FibreShape work now with a tremendiously improved software - faster, more intuitive and easy to use development tools.

The new software architecture of X-Shape will facilitate work for developers and users.


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What's new in FibreShape PRO 6.1 ?
What's new in PowderShape PRO 6.1 ?
What's new in DiaShape PRO 6.1 ?

  • Improved development tools: e.g. with right-click on the image the profile settings, threshold segmentation and resolution settings can be changed.
    Threshold settings
  • Every single object can be identified and the measurement values can be seen.
    • size: grain size, 
    • shape: crystallinity, ellipticity
    • brightness: MEAND = mean light intensity of a single object
    • etc.
    Object identification
  • Runs with Windows 7, 8 & 10


Don't hesitate to contact us to get your offer for an update or a new system. For more information read our product sheets:

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