Recycling technologies for recycled carbon fibers

Faserinstitut Bremen

The recycling of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CRP) and production waste has despite of an increasing production so far only poorly been implemented. This project "Recycling technologies for recycled carbon fibers" is a collaboration of three institutes and five industrial partners. One of the institutes is the Faserinstitut Bremen  e.V.

Fig. 1: Recycled carbon fibres

Fischer-Recycled carbon fibres

The project has the following five goals:

  • the development of textile processing technologies in order to obtain novel properties that open up new applications and markets,
  • the development of process technologies for processing recycled carbon staple fibre into textile fleece with new properties,
  • the development of equipment for the assembly of residual bobbins of carbon fiber roving into a continuous carbon fiber ribbon,
  • developing the technology of long fiber processing into "Organofoils" (reinforced thermoplastic foils with recycled carbon fibres) for the use of the recycled fibres,
  • and the accompanying procedures and technology development for the production of carbon fiber composites made out of the new recycled semi finished fibres.

Fig. 2: Carbon fiber rovings

Fischer-carbon fiber rovingThe analysis of the recycled raw materials is performed on one hand by means of image analysis (the Fibreshape system) and on the other hand by single-fiber mechanical analysis (Dia-Stron). In a first step the Faserinstitut analyses the quality and homogenity of the recycled CF-pyrolyzed materials to get an overview of the actual qualities available on the market. For this purpose the Fibreshape system is used. For the special requirements of this projects it was necessary to adapt the measurement parameters in Fibreshape. The flexibility of the Fibreshape system allows a fine tuning for the characterisation of this kind of starting material.

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